Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Batman Inc. (2012) #1

The best of both worlds, folks. Grant Morrison gets to re-invent Superman with a totally new origin and attitude over in Action Comics, but over in the Batverse, things keep on trucking like the reboot never happened. At least, when I read this issue, I sure couldn't find anything that diverted me down any of my normal paths of annoyance about the reboot. Dick Grayson was still Batman. Leviathan is still Talia Al' Ghul, it's all like the last series never really ended. And I'm not complaining one bit.

When I say Morrison picks up where he left off, that was a mighty fine place to be. The first Batman Inc. series had many wonderful issues, thrilling, non-traditional stories that showed off what makes Grant Morrison so great. Sure, he's basically abandoned linear storytelling at this point, but when the stories are this strong, I'm fine with it.

Damian Wayne is a little snot, but he's our little snot. That is very clear as I read this issue. I absolutely love his sudden affection for animals after the battle in the slaughter house; and his new Bat Cow is a nice nod to Tiny Titans. (Of course, I was reading this issue with my daughter next to me, I told her they were fighting in a paint factory. DCnU: Gallons of blood in each issue!)

Goat Boy is a great new villain, and a surprisingly mundane and human one considering how weird he looks. I'm not sure he has the staying power of Professor Pyg, but there is defintely potential in a goat-headed cabbie with a rocket rifle, wouldn't you agree?

And Chris Burnham. How the heck did this guy get so good? He's basically turned into Frank Quitely Jr. while retaining his own style too. I'm never sure how much credit to give guys who are excellent mimics of other great artists, but man, I love Burnham's art from cover to cover.


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