Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers Academy #29

Now THAT is one misleading cover. It would be hard to support the Avengers side of the argument if they were really running some sort of detention camp for the X-Kids, but that’s not the situation at all. Nice swerve, though!

How long has Christos Gage been waiting to write Hercules? If Herc’s few lines are any indication, I’m ready for him to join the faculty right now. He’s positively hilarious as he emotionally scars the students of the Avengers Academy. And how great are Tom Grummett’s pencils in that scene!?! Look at the differing facial expressions on the students. Some are offended, some are shocked, and some are curious! Fantastic.

It turns out the situation is a lot less bleak than the cover suggests. The least combat-ready members of the X-Club merely chaperone the X-kids to hang out at the academy where they can be kept safe. I suppose this means there is no chance Jeffries ever suits up as Box again, huh?

As for Sebastian Shaw, I guess he’s been mind-wiped into thinking he belongs on a kids team? Shaw is powerful, but I’m not sure he is going to be much of a threat against so many heroes, even if most of them are rookies.


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