Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AvX #1

Look at that logo. Is it me, or does this look an awful lot like the main Avengers vs. X-Men title? No, I don’t think this will get confusing at all.

I grudgingly paid out my $3.99 for this one. I thought I’d get a free digital download, but no such luck. In fact, that would have made me pass this book buy except for one problem. I love fights. I love comic book stories, of course, but I still love what brought me to the table when I was 8 years old. Big dudes and ladies smacking the hell out of each other.

And this book delivers. The first chapter features Iron Man vs. Magneto, and thanks to Stark’s genius, the fight lasts longer than you might expect. Shellhead exhibits some fantastic new powers and abilities; the most powerful is tapping into the “planetary power” of Jupiter. Magneto pulls off the same trick, though, so fair is fair. I would have thought this one would end differently than it did, but I’m still satisfied. Jason Aaron does a nice job giving us a clean win. Adam Kubert’s art is fantastic, especially his Magneto. His Iron Man is well done, but Magneto looks regal, powerful, and classic.

The second story features the Immonens putting Namor and Thing through the wringer. Again, the fight didn’t end at all the way I’d expect. Namor, underwater, vs. the Thing. Seems sort of simple, doesn’t it? Kathryn Immonen does a nice job with the banter, especially coming from the more comical Ben Grimm. I also appreciate that the ending is a bit less… final than the one in the first fight. The Thing is walking away, but Namor has already recovered. I think there may be a round 2! Stuart Immonen remains possibly my favorite artist. The heroes look great, the undersea monsters look great, and the backgrounds look great. Couldn’t ask for more.

What an idea, giving top-name artists top-tier characters to knock around. What a treat.


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John said...

Yeah, I thought I was buying the AVX VS books when I was buying the main series. Not confusing at all....