Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men #3

Well I didn’t see that coming.

The cover gives away a bit part of this issue, namely that Cap and Wolverine come to blows. I expected Wolvie to come around to Cyke’s way of thinking, and that he’d join back up with the X-Men. It’s not that at all. In fact, in a story with a lot of folks going over the top, Wolverine might be the furthest gone. He is not going to vary from his Phoenix plan one bit, even if the host is a young girl. Cap’s got a problem with that. He’s also got the Avengers.

The fight is quick, brutal, and savage. I’m impressed that Ed Brubaker managed to deliver new moves and combos during the fight. I’ve seen these two face off before, but there are three or four really strong moments in the combat. (My personal fave is Wolvie slashing the straps on Cap’s shield. Hard to use it then!) But Cap does have the Avengers.

I also enjoyed the New Mutants getting involved in the fracas. They aren’t headliners, but maybe we’re heading that way. As long as we keep getting a few more mutants to choose the X-side as the months go by, this could end up being a decent fight. The Avengers just outgun the competition right now!

John Romita Jr. really sells that Cap/Wolverine fight. The two combatants look BAD after just a few moves. Combined with Brubaker’s great smack talk during the fight, and this issue delivers. After issue 2 was so, so sketchy, this issue seemed a lot more solid. The huge heads and small limbs that a lot of folks sported last issue seemed more normal here. Giant Man in particular looked rough in issues 1 and 2, but he looked pretty neat clobbering Wolverine. (Of course, I may be biased.)

Again, I’m sure some people are not digging this series, but if you want to see Avengers fight X-Men? This book has that covered.


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