Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hypernaturals FCBD

Can I just go ahead and start whining now? My longboxes are full of lost treasures, series that I loved but never found mass-market appeal. I can guarantee that The Hypernaturals is destined to share that fate. But darn if I won’t enjoy it while I can.

DnA excel on the cosmic stuff, and they do it again here. This book takes place in the future, but the future is a very recognizable place. Kids still eat sandwiches. The media still loves their heroes. And no matter how powerful the heroes are, there’s always someone bigger.

The Hypernaturals starring in this issue are the newest incarnation of a long-lasting team. Things don’t look good for them on one of their first missions, but I think the real focus is going to end up on the former members anyway. DnA do a masterful job building the core cast with just a few panels for each. This book feels like a successor to the Legion of Super-Heroes; we’ve got a Braniac type, a Timber Wolf type, and a few other generically powered heroes. The book isn’t about the powers, though, it’s about the personalities.

It’s not fair, launching a series with a couple ringers like Brad Walker and Tom Derenick. These guys have been delivering solid super-hero epics for years now. The two artists make everything look easy, from new character introductions to the fearful arrival on an alien world.

My only complaint is that this is going to be $3.99 a pop. Does Boom drop their digital price after a month? If so, I may just get this in that format, because I really want to see what happens.

Don't sleep on this one, Guardians fans!


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