Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daredevil #11

Mark Waid is not about to let the conclusion to his Omega Drive arc be stuck in some random crossover. That’s the lesson here.

I’m disappointed that the Omega Effect crossover leaves the drive and ongoing plot in exactly the same place as before the story began. Was there a real point in this at all? Or did the readers jump over to Avenging Spider-Man and Punisher just to get some exposure to those characters. (Don’t answer, we already know that’s the case.) I’m not really upset that Waid will get to wrap up the story on his own with a more Daredevil-specific artist, but it does seem like we just spent a month chasing our tails.

It seems that Cole’s betrayal last issue wasn’t a Punisher-concocted plan. Cole acted on her own to seek out her revenge. I can’t imagine her disappearance this issue is any real resolution, I’d think Greg Rucka would want to handle that in the pages of his own comic. I do like the idea that the Punisher would actually keep his word. Surely he knows that Spidey and DD together could mop the floor with him.

The bad guys were just one big mass for this entire arc, I think the lack of a strong, core villain kept the crossover from ever getting really compelling. The excellent inter-hero drama between DD and Cole goes a long way, but I never really felt anyone in this story was in any danger.

Marco Chechetto’s art has grown on me. By the end of this issue, I find myself sort of won over by the leather-y look of DD’s cowl. He also does a nice job on the emotional showdown between DD and Cole; DD’s anger is palpable.


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