Thursday, May 17, 2012

Batman & Robin #9

Wow, once again, I find myself stunned at the amount of carnage Peter Tomasi can rack up in his comics. I haven’t counted, but the Talon in this issue must have killed dozens of National Guardsmen. The flashback includes kids getting killed. Seriously, I’m not sure Tomasi should be allowed around children!

This issue is a Damian spotlight, Bruce Wayne doesn’t appear. I’m fine with it; I think Damian benefits from his time as the lead. I also appreciate the way the Talon’s target, a Guard general, quickly comes around to accepting help from a costumed kid. Sure, he tries to have his soldiers do their jobs first, but after they are cut down, he’s willing to lean on the little guy. (It doesn’t hurt that Damian is literally the only person in the comic to survive two consecutive panels with the Talon.)

Tomasi also allays my fears about the Talons. I’d been worried that since there were so many, they’d be faceless blobs ready for defeat. That’s not the case at all. Instead, the Talons are each unique villains with individual back-stories and motivations. I loved seeing the flashback to this Talon’s origin; it added to the feeling that a whole lot happened in this comic.

Lee Garbett has been a fill-in artist on the bat books for awhile, if I remember correctly. He’s solid here, with his work looking an awful lot like regular artist Patrick Gleason. Damian’s got his kid-head and little boy haircut, and the design on the Talon is fun. This Talon looks like an Azrael-ish supervillain.


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