Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Avengers Academy #30

Even more than usual, this book seems sidetracked by a greater story. Christos Gage does his best to make lemonade, but unlike his X-Men Legacy book, this tie-in feels like it belongs in the periphery of the greater AvX conflict.

Sebastian Shaw had his mind wiped in a forgettable trade that I know I’ve read, but didn’t love. I guess that’s still going on, cause the guy is wandering around with vague motivations. He’s possibly a threat to the Academy students (and the younger X-Men under guard there), but I bet he ends up with better motivations than we’re supposed to think. I was shocked to see how easily he took out all the powered folks who went after him. I like Tigra getting another nod of respect, but man, Hercules went down easy.

Herc still doesn’t have his powers? I’m waiting on the Herc trade. This is similar to my Jugger-Colossus complaint. You know this isn’t going to stick. It’s too bad this transient power level is being recorded in such a big crossover.

Tom Grummett gets to draw an awful lot of heroes in this one. Whiz Kid, Ricochet, and BOX II! I haven’t seen BOX in years, I was wondering if Madison Jeffries even did that any more! I guess he does, it’s too bad he wasn’t rocking the maroon and silver color scheme he was using in those old Jim Lee Alpha Flights. I hope BOX sticks around; the X-Men need an Iron Man!


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