Monday, May 14, 2012

Batman #9

I’m going to pretend that the Batman suit featured so strongly in this issue is the old battle suit Bats whipped out for the Predators back in the 90’s. I always loved that BATtle suit.

Scott Snyder has reached the point in the Court of Owls storyline where Batman’s anger is going to win him every fight. On the run from four Talons last issue, Bats is mopping the floor with even more this month. It’s not apparent to me how many Talons are hanging around, and they do give a good showing, but Bruce Wayne is inspired. I really dig the way Batman’s knowledge of the Batcave’s history is what drives him to succeed against the invading Talons.

Surely that isn’t the end of Bruce Wayne’s new buddy? Snyder wouldn’t introduce a new billionaire philanthropist into Gotham and let him go down like this. Clearly the guy is in the Court of Owls, right?

Greg Capullo has been doing a fantastic job on this run. There is one panel that really gave me a grin; the scene where the Talons have eventually dropped, and Bats is climbing out of his wrecked armor. Bruce Wayne is standing there with his mask off, and he just looks nuts! That guy is so mad, he’s going to clean up Gotham in one night!

I may not be reading the tie-ins, but I’m still enjoying the core story in this comic. Snyder’s retconning of the Court into the Wayne’s past just makes the entire conflict more threatening. Neato.


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