Sunday, May 27, 2012

Winter Soldier #5

I have to open with an observation: Butch Guice draws a hell of a Dr. Doom. It’s like a realistic Kirby drawing walked onto the page every time ol’ Vic shows up, and it’s a great look. The different inkers do a nice job too. I’m not sure who inked the opening conversation on the shuttle, but Black Widow looks incredible. THAT should be the model sheet for the character. She retains her sweet 70’s look while still being modern. Well done to Guice and whoever else worked on that.

I know I’m a bit simple, but I’m disappointed we didn’t get more of the super apes fighting Winter Soldier. It just doesn’t’ seem fair putting them up against Dr. Doom. Lucia Von Bardas, at least to me, only has vague cyborg powers, so I wasn’t too worried about her either. So while I enjoyed the super-villain elements of this story, I think I liked Ed Brubaker’s last Bucky Cap run a bit more. Unicorn and Ursa Major seemed a bit more out there, and so a bit more fun.

I do like that not all the sleeper agents turned out to be totally evil. You’ve got to figure that at least some of these brainwashed guys would be darn confused. And leaving one out there at the close of the story is a smart move too. The only question now is if he’s a new character, or this is a shocking reveal for an existing character?


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Martin Gray said...

I've never read a Bucky solo title, but this sounds to have some interesting ingredients. Maybe I'll try a trade.