Saturday, March 31, 2012

Batman #7

Now this is Batman. Suspect your best friend of being mind-controlled? Time to slug the fella in the face to knock out a specific tooth! Awesome!

It’s pretty neat, that opening scene with the Owl taking out Batman’s inspirational bat. The best part is that this doesn’t necessarily need to be canon. Bats is in a pretty bad place at the start of the issue, with his heart getting a jump-start from a friendly Gothamite. (Did I miss an issue or just forget who this person was? I don’t remember her!)

Scott Snyder goes on to lay out more of the history of the Talons. They are super-powered assassins put into suspended animation by the Court of Owls. It’s a neat concept, especially because it is an instant recipe for a variety of Talons. I worried they’d all be the same, and the “ninja” rule would take effect (the more there are, the weaker they are). But instead, I think thought and design went into each Talon, they look different and seem to hail from different eras. Neat idea!

Greg Capullo doesn’t draw a lot of backgrounds, but he draws a nice harried Batman. Nightwing still looks too dang young, but Grayson needs to be a bit vulnerable, here. It is his father-figure upending his life, after all.


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