Saturday, March 17, 2012

Avengers Academy #27

Having the Runaways team-up with the Academy kids is a natural fit. They’re both West Coast teams, same age groups, both with long ties to the Marvel U. I’m glad Christos Gage gets the chance to put them together. His love of Marvel minutiae makes him the perfect writer to handle Victor meeting Hank Pym for the first time. And the Mettle/Molly fight didn’t go how I’d expect a brick battle to go, but what fun!

My favorite moment has to be Giant Man putting an end to the fighting. I love it when people realize just how powerful growing characters can be. Dialogue-wise, Gage tries to give Tigra another excuse for parading around in a skimpy bikini when she’s a teacher. Sure, that California sun would be mighty hot if you’ve got fur, but maybe she should think about some biker shorts? Maybe?

I’m not totally invested in the time-travel story, but it’s just a macguffin to get these characters to interact. In that respect, it works perfectly, and judging from the cliffhanger, the Runaways are about to make another classic bad decision to make things worse.

Karl Moline does a great job with the art. His adults look a bit young, but you can tell the difference in characters based on facial expressions and hair. He handles himself well on the action, but he excels in the talking and interaction scenes, again, a good choice for this storyline.


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Martin Gray said...

Enjoyable stuff, though there are a few too many characters these days. Still, so long as this doesn't become Dark Young Avengers, I'm happy.