Thursday, March 15, 2012

Batman & Robin #7

It amuses me that I can still be shocked by the violence dreamed up by Peter Tomasi. I mean, seriously, this is the Bat-book featuring Batman and his young son, and yet it may well be the most violent Bat-title on the stands. It doesn't have the White Rabbit contorting to show off her assets (in fact, I don't think there has been one line for a female character) but wow, they sure do bring the violence in this title.

This is the big wrap-up of the enjoyable Nobody storyline. It has been an exciting experience, with lots of nice new history for Batman that doesn't conflict with any previous stories. This is well worth picking up in trade.

Maybe it's Patrick Gleason who loves the violence? I can't be sure. Here's some of the things he got to draw this month:

-A man half dissolved by acid.
-Batman with many, many knives sticking out of his back.
-Batman slammed to the ground, driving those knives in deeper.
-Batman pushing Nobody's face into a vat of acid.
-A young boy punching his fingers through a grown man's skull.

C'mon now, that's top-quality violence!


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