Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aquaman #6

Well, here’s the first fairly boring issue of Aquaman. Too bad it had to be the one starring Mera. She’s been a great part of the book for the entire opening arc, so I’m disappointed that her spotlight issue is so full of clichés and DCnU toughness.

I can’t imagine too many interactions actually go down like the abusive boss that Mera unloads on to open the book. If there was a super-strong hero chick in your store, would you start fondling her, even if you were a pervert? Doesn’t seem too smart, does it? Geoff Johns keeps it coming from there, with a wife-killing man who deserves some beating getting what he deserves from Mera too. I’m not sure what the point of this issue was, except to show us how Mera might be justified in hating the surface world.

Joe Prado handles more of the art in this issue, over Ivan Reis’ breakdowns. The art suffers for it, with the faces and figures alternating between elongated and smooshed. Mera’s face really looks odd in some of these panels.

I am intrigued about the “First League,” so I’ll be back next month. Every DCnU book finds itself on a handicap with me, having to be extra-enjoyable to justify my purchasing it. Another issue like this and I’ll probably let Aquaman slip off my sublist too.


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