Friday, March 2, 2012

Secret Avengers #23

This is the best team books on the stands right now. I had high hopes for this comic, and Rick Remender is clearing every hurdle. Captain Britain is back and cooler than ever in his sweet 80’s togs, Hawkeye is acting like the cocky leader we know he is, and the rest of the team is kicking butt.

I particularly enjoyed the ridiculous banter between Hank Pym and the Beast. They must be pretty close if Beast can get away with making jokes about creating Ultron. In fact, the banter and relationships on this team are already coming together in an entertaining fashion. Hawkeye’s concern for Ant-Man was great, but Black Widow’s confidence in Eric O’Grady’s abilities was even better.

As for Eric’s fate, I just can’t believe it. Surely the current Ant-Man is too popular to get killed like this. That said, with the Torch and Venom joining the team this issue, there are too many folks on this team. Actually, Venom’s involvement is yet another high spot in this issue. Cap’s the only one willing to give the guy a chance!

Gabriel Hardman is now one of my favorite artists, no doubt about it. His Ant-Man is simply awesome. The entire escape sequence was top notch, with the sparking helmet and mad dash into the dangerous streets. It was a great touch seeing Eric pick up a lead pipe to go down fighting too.

The Torch doesn’t seem to have much of a costume yet, but I can’t wait for Hardman to draw Venom.


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Martin Gray said...

While I began as banter, by the end I'm pretty certain there was real tension between the two Hanks.

And Venom, bah, horrible Nineties character!

Lovely review, though.