Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avengers Assemble #1

If Bendis had always written his Avengers like this, I may have never gotten so down on him! Now, this isn’t a great value at $3.99, although the digital copy helps a lot. But at least this short little comic has two fights, both pretty satisfying.

Hulk takes on Aquarius in the middle of the desert and Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man all confront the new Taurus. That’s right, Bendis is bringing back the Zodiac! The Zodiac is a group that usually works better in theory than execution, but this has potential, especially since Taurus pretty handily defeats Thor and Iron Man. (and I do love that when Avengers are in trouble they can call for backup like those two. That’d make you pretty confident, huh?)

This definitely has potential. While the Hulk hasn’t hung around with the Avengers for quite some time, the rest of the line-up is well-rounded, for both powers and personalities. I’m a tad confused why Hawkeye is hanging around with Mockingbird in the background of all the opening panels, I thought the two of them split up in some Avengers comic I didn’t read?

Mark Bagley is one of my favorite classic style artists. Taurus’ design is fantastic, although it is hard to mess up a giant bull-man. Bagley does a nice job with Iron Man’s current armor, and this might be my favorite take on Thor’s current duds too. Bagley does fail in one respect. Bryan Hitch may be getting lots of glamour and recognition for Hawkeye’s new costume, but that outfit sucks. Add Bagley to the list of artists who can’t rescue it from awfulness.


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