Tuesday, March 13, 2012


How many times can you copy something before the colors start to fade?

Listen, I love Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen's take on OMAC, he's much closer to the original concept, Kevin Kho is an amusing "blank" guy, very much in line with Jack Kirby's original concept. Watching the finned Hulk smash things is always entertaining, that's why I'm bummed this comic is going away.

That said, I can't take any more Kamandi homages. I know there were some in Countdown. Karl Kesel did it best years ago in Superboy. I loved the concept then, and when I actually read the original stuff, I was blown away. How many times are we going to see these imitations trying re-create the feeling that we already had? I mean, the DCU already HAD the best Kamandi and OMAC and Fourth World stories, and they got wiped out? Why update people's costumes and tell the same story again, marginally changing things (not for the better)?

Taken on its own, I may have enjoyed this more. I love that there is a place called the Evil Factory run by an evil monkey man named Simyan. Talking animals walking around after dark, with politics and corruption totally hidden from the waking world is hilarious. I was also tickled that Kevin just joins up with them no questions asked. Why would he? His life is smashed anyway. But when I read it, I compare it to the older, better originals, and that makes this comic less satisfying.

Keith Giffen's art continues to be bombastic and fun. I'm going to miss his work on this character. The good news is, it seems OMAC is joining the JLI, so the character won't be gone.


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Always Right said...

Issue 9 will change everything you know about this title.