Friday, March 16, 2012

Saga #1

So I understand it is going to be fairly blasphemous for me to say this, but I didn’t LOVE Saga #1. This seems to be the trendiest book I’ve heard about in awhile, so maybe I’m in the minority, but I think this book could still go either way.

There is a lot to like. Brian Vaughan has a nicely realized universe with a lot of unique and interesting factors at play. The whole idea of sub-contracting a war out to other planets is one I haven’t seen in any other sci-fi I’ve read. The mixing of fantasy and technology is also nicely done, there is little chance to mix up the two groups when the magic-users of Wreath are still carrying swords around. I also enjoy the banter between the main characters. Alana and Marko are clearly Romeo and Juliet on a galactic scale. That is a unique set of POV characters for the reader to follow around the universe. The whole idea of robots bossing around their human armies is fun too, especially when the robots seem as… emotional as they do.

But this book is trying awfully hard. I mean, the opening line is pretty dirty, appropriate maybe, but definitely going for shock. The robots doing it? Trying a bit hard. Cutting umbilical cord with teeth? Again, a tad much. Vaughan has got some strong ideas here, he doesn’t need to work so hard to be edgy.

Fiona Staples has a heck of a challenge, here. I mean, when I started reading this comic, I was totally “out” because of how ridiculous the characters look. But by the end of the issue, she sold me on a horned dude, a tiny-winged lady, and even a giant talking cat. A big obstacle for sci-fi material is getting people to accept new things, and Staples’ art makes the sale here. I’m still a tad fuzzy on those robots, though.

This looks like a series that will read better in trade, to me, so that may be the format I follow from here.


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