Friday, March 9, 2012

Villains for Hire #4

Duh. I really should have seen that one coming. I mean, I KNEW that Misty Knight didn’t kill Paladin a few issues ago, but I didn’t see how he’d get re-integrated to the storyline. Nicely done, DnA! (I especially enjoy seeing this character trying to keep everything nice and clean when the villains start fleeing the scene!)

This series is clearly the conclusion to the Heroes for Hire series, unfortunately I bought that one in trade and this one in floppy, so I haven’t seen the resolution for H4H yet. That said, this is a satisfying read on its own. If you dig backup characters like Purple Man, Man Ape, and Avalanche, this is for you. Heck, smaller names like Bombshell and Tiger Shark get a lot of dialogue and work here too.

The pacing seems a tad off, I think this story was meant to percolate a bit longer before the pay off, but Marvel cancelled this book pretty quickly after launching it. I suppose we should be happy DnA wrapped it up at all. The series leaves Misty Knight, Paladin, and most of the villains in convenient places to be picked up again, and the Marvel U always benefits when villains get their moment in the sun.

Renato Arlem’s work is serviceable, the action is clear and the costumes look good, but as always his book looks like snapshots with costumes drawn on. There isn’t a huge sense of motion. (He does squeeze in some more butt-shots for Misty Knight too, always amusing.)


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