Monday, March 5, 2012

Avengers #23

Well, I have to give credit where it is due. Bendis is handling this story just right, and right now, it is comparing favorably to the classic Siege of Avengers Mansion story arc. I mean, you’ve got these overpowered foes that have taken the Avengers off the map with only a few exceptions, yet here we are. Quake is showing up and taking care of business. Vision is standing tall against a souped-up Norman Osborn.

In fact, just about everyone “redeems” themselves after their showings in the last few issues. President Obama stands up to Osborn and does the right thing. Captain America is as indomitable as ever. When Quake makes her move, a split second is more than enough for Iron Man, Storm, and Spider-Woman. Heck, Hawkeye and Red Hulk sort of take care of their own problems too! And Red Hulk has some of the best “bad cop” dialogue I’ve ever heard. When a Hulk threatens to eat you? You talk!

Somehow, mixed in with all the Avengers’ triumphs and dramatic moments, Osborn still comes off as a legit threat at the close of the issue. Daniel Acuna gets to return for the most dramatic chapter in this arc. His style makes these dramatic moments just pop off the page. When Storm and Iron Man bust loose, I chuckled with glee, and when Red Hulk gets free, I actually laughed out loud with anticipation. This is a really strong comic!


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