Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green Lantern #7

Man, these comics feel short these days. At least this one was only $2.99.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Sinestro shown up to bug Hal while he and Carol are “involved” more than once? Is Sinestro some kind of perv? And really, with Star Sapphire’s costume, he doesn’t need to flout outside their window to get a good look.

It’s so weird to me that while the rest of the DCU has been blown up and started over, Green Lantern just keeps on trucking. If someone did start reading with GL #1 a few months ago, they’d have no idea who the Indigo Tribe is and they’d be clueless on Black Hand. There is a lot of important history there, and it’s all old and out of fashion. It’s weird that the GL corner gets to ignore the reboot.

I suppose I’m OK with that, because I am anxious to find out more about the Indigos. It sure seems like they are all bad guys forcefully controlled into a force for good. That’s why Doug Mahnke’s art is so neat in this issue, all those Indigos really look like they could be horrific bad guys if they weren’t leaning on their weird staffs and moving about so passively.

Clarification: I made fun of Sapphire’s costume earlier, but Mahnke does a really great job drawing Carol Ferris, so I’m not exactly complaining, you know?