Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Invincible #89

What a fun idea. This comic has been going on for awhile now, and I’m loving Robert Kirkman’s takes on the classic comic book shake-ups. He’s done the new costume and the added cast members. He’s done the gay best friend and the pregnant girlfriend. Now he’s moved on to replacing the title character, and to make it even more topical, he changed Invincible’s race too!

That is, Invincible’s replacement is African American. I love the idea of Bulletproof as an “almost Invincible” he even had his eye on the costume back in the day! Sure, that’s a pretty convenient bit of history, but it just adds to the current plot.

Most of the issue shows the Guardians of the Globe and their allies dealing with the Viltrumite presence on Earth. Not really much to be done, so everyone is just going their own way by the close of the issue. Dinosaurus still gets an amazing amount of respect considering how silly he is. I’m also intrigued to find out just what Mark Grayson is a perfect match for.

That closing page makes me hope this is the status quo for some time. I’d love to see how Bulletproof does as Invincible for at least a trade’s worth of material.

Ryan Ottley does a great job once again; I’m amazed how much detail he can put into Dinosaurus’ ridiculous features. And I LOVE the double splash page with the new Invincible. Great execution.


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Martin Gray said...

OK, you have me convinced, I've just downloaded #1,