Tuesday, March 20, 2012

X-Men Legacy #263

This book is wildly inconsistent for me. I really dug the fighting last issue, but this time the combat is not as tightly choreographed, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I’m also having big problems identifying people. I only know a few of the X-Men who show up with Hope; this must be how civilians feel picking up their first comics!

I also missed the moment when Rogue became obsessed with Magneto again. I’ve always been a Rogue & Gambit fan, so I’m much more interested in seeing the two of them interact. I think this issue may have had too many folks running around pounding on Exodus. I felt like Rachel Grey’s victory (she’s the one who actually puts Exodus down) gets a bit glossed over because there are so many people trying to get a punch and line of dialogue in.

David Baldeon’s art isn’t the right match for this book. His characters look too young, and his muscle-y characters look off. Even Exodus seems out of proportion. Frenzy and Rogue look waaaay too young. Contrast that with what a nice job he does on Hope, Anole, Blindfold, and the other younger characters. Baldeon should be drawing a teen book!

I’m not giving up on this book, but with digital copies now coming with the $3.99 titles, I’m wondering if I should get my X-fix from Wolverine & the X-Men or Uncanny. We’ll see.


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