Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 & Walking Dead #95

It’s going to be hard to talk about the newest issue of Walking Dead with the TV series going so well.

Robert Kirkman doesn’t exactly rush the plot along, the first few pages of this issue must have had Jesus as Rick to trust him three or four times. But it makes sense, eventually, Rick can’t be in control of the situation. And it doesn’t really last anyways. The Hilltop community has got its own problems, and when violence breaks out at the Hilltop, who do you think is at the center? That’s right, a very nonplussed Rick Grimes. I honestly don’t think he cares that he just unleashed some ultra violence on someone he doesn’t know, it’s just another day at the office. I think Rick may have killed himself into a higher job. Another strong effort from Kirkman.

Now on to the show. I had been complaining about the lack of plot movement and general lack of momentum that made this the most frustrating show on television. Herschel’s farm has been a storytelling morass that led to the characters wandering around and accomplishing nothing.

With the second half of S2, those problems have been addressed. Every single episode has included action moments and rational dialogue. Even Lori has made coherent arguments an actual human might make. Shane’s gorilla-school of acting led to the natural pay-off, and while some folks are still making horrible choices (T-Dog’s lack of a 3-point turn). I loved the Randall debate, and I’ve been enjoying discussing that moral quandary with my friends.

Rick is finally the compelling, deciding character he is in the comics. By externalizing his moral dilemmas with Shane, Rick was reduced to a sad lump. Rather than commanding and motivating the group, it seems all he could do was worry about Carl. Now Rick is making decisions and laying down the law; a great development for Season 2.

Andrea is another character greatly benefiting from the change in writing staff. She had been pretty hard to like with her poor decision-making and moping. Now she’s thinking and rational, plus killing off a horde almost single-handedly!

Comic – Good
TV Show – Excellent

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