Friday, April 13, 2012

Captain America: Prisoner of War TPB

So it certainly seems I should have read this issue before starting up on the Winter Soldier series. I’m also regretting buying Winter Soldier in floppy, since I was reading Bucky Cap’s adventures in trade format, I’ve got a media switch halfway through the story!

Time must have been short in this storyline, because the story is split up between three artists, with each one handling a different character. Butch Guice is “the” artist for the Winter Soldier, so his stuff looked on-model and dramatic, as always.

I loved Mike Deodato’s take on the Russian gulag too. He gets to draw Ursa Major throwing down with Bucky in some fantastic fight sequences. (It’s weird how Bucky’s specialty seems to be fighting animals, isn’t it?)

Chris Samnee works on the Black Widow and Sharon Carter segments, and those are fun little spy adventures that show off the skills of two characters often relegated to support status. Black Widow in particular kicks a whole lot of butt in her storyline.

It couldn’t have been easy for Ed Brubaker to populate his Russian gulag with good old Marvel villains. All those Cold War era dudes got killed at the end of their storylines, so of the named villains, two are “surprisingly” alive. I’m not complaining that Titanium Man and Unicorn are both still kicking. Unicorn in particular has a ton of potential in the modern Marvel U. I hope someone makes use of him.

There have been so many Crimson Dynamos that at this point, I can’t even figure out who wore what. Having an old Dynamo makes perfect sense in the prison too, and I can’t imagine many people have a flowchart of who wore which armor in which time. As for the Wolfspiders, I love the idea of expanding the KGB’s Black Widow program to make some more baddies. Great move.

This book spends a lot of time in Bucky’s head. Brubaker writes him the same way he writes the leads in Criminal and Incognito. Bucky is a neat character, but this story really drives home that he is not Captain America. As Nick Fury says, he picked up the mantle just to keep everyone else from doing it. We all know Steve Rogers needs to be back in the suit.


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