Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men #1

Not too bad. Like a true #1, Bendis doesn’t really make much reference back to last week’s AvX #0. It seems the important stuff we need to know for this story will all be dealt out in this book. The book opens with some competent heroics as the Avengers stop a plane from crashing into NYC. Sure, the Empire State building gets some major damage, but Iron Man, Thor, and Ms. Marvel make for a pretty powerful team when it comes to averting a disaster (Spidey helps a bit too).

The crash is caused by the returning Phoenix force, and with it the kid-Nova I’ve been hearing about. I’ll miss Richard Rider, but if he’s actually dead, I guess I’m OK with a replacement. (Hawkeye actually mentions that he thought Rich was dead.) Meanwhile on Utopia, Cyclops is in full jerk mode as he forces Hope to continue her training. Cyke is the voice of the franchise here, so I’m hoping Bendis can reign it in a bit over the net few issues, because right now Cyclops is a maniac. Even his own team seems to be doubting the rigor of his training right now. I love the brief moment Cyclops and Cap share before they start smashing each other.

Again, Cap comes off as a lot more reasonable, but maybe that’s just my take on it. I absolutely love the grin on Namor’s face when he knows the two of them are about to fight. I really think the Sub-Mariner is looking forward to this fight.

The assembled Avengers are going to be tough to beat, especially if Wolverine’s group of X-Men don’t show up to help. I don’t see a way the Utopia-based mutants have any sort of chance against the heavy hitters I mentioned above PLUS the Red Hulk, Giant Man, Black Panther, and more.

John Romita Jr.’s art is always dynamic, and once again, he makes the story work. The story feels important as we see the Avengers leaders briefing the president. JRJR can’t save Hawkeye’s terrible costume, and I think we need to add Colossus’ new Juggernaut look to the ill-advised column. That is NOT what Colossus should be fighting in when he has two or three more classic looks. JRJR’s faces seemed a tad lopsided at times, especially Magneto and White Queen. But again, he does a great job with Namor.


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Martin Gray said...

As you say, not bad. For me, Romita's worst-drawn heroes were Ms Marvel (haggard haystack) and Thor (Neanderthal Norseman). Lots of good stuff, though.

I was actually knocked out by just how impressive Spidey was here, that has to be one of the best webbing saves ever.