Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, that’s over, huh? I hate to admit it, but I was never reading OMAC to find out more about Kevin Kho or Max Lord. I know they are central characters, but I was much more intrigued seeing what crazy concepts OMAC would smash every month.

This month delivers a couple new concepts, and the really abbreviated wrap-up of the Brother Eye plotline. It seems Max Lord was smarter than everyone figured, and he does succeed in taking out Brother Eye. As one last gesture of defiance, Brother Eye sets up Kevin/OMAC with a new status quo. He can no longer switch back and forth between Hulk and human form, now he’s OMAC all the time, but he retains his normal personality.

That’s not exactly an improvement. I liked Kho as the new “Buddy Blank” host, a sort of generic guy who got taken out. In fact, the internal monologue got to be too much for me even in this one issue. I stopped reading Kevin’s thought boxes about halfway through the book and just focused on action. Dan DiDio channeled some good Kirby vibes in this series, but dialogue was never the strong point.

Keith Giffen delivers more entertaining visuals. OMAC has a great look, and I think he’s going to look really good standing up there with the JLI (along with Batwing? Did he just join?)

In any case, this is the last issue of OMAC, and I’m replacing it on my sublist with AvX.


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