Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade HC

Well that really did not go down the way I thought it would. I’ve been following the Young Avengers in their sporadic appearances for the past few years, and they are a pretty fun crew. I find a few of the characters to be really likable, while most are a bit too whiny for me. That said, I still like the adventures that Allan Heinberg concocts for the team, and it is neat seeing the grumpy teen personalities rub shoulders with the rest of the Marvel U.

This time, Heinberg is straight-on addressing Bendis’ Avengers Disassembled. I’m amazed at the level of retconning Heinberg gets away with. SPOILERS AHEAD! Let’s deal with the returns first. The Scarlet Witch is back in action, solo, after Dr. Doom reveals that he played a role in Wanda’s insanity during Disassembled. I’m not sure I buy it, but I love the element of doubt and the sliver of defense the Witch now has. The character’s actions haven’t been erased, but as Cyclops says, she certainly has the chance to try and redeem herself. (And how great was Rogue telling Scarlet Witch that everyone would chill out later anyway. Good ol’ Rogue.)

Next, Scott Lang is back. Really? I mean, I always liked the character, he’s such a down-to-Earth hero, he’s almost unique. But did he really have such a fan following that his death needed to be reversed? I’m happy, all of Bendis’ kills are now reversed. Ant-Man, Vision, and Jack of Hearts are all back in the Marvel U. Now let’s get Wasp back and finish it off!

Iron Lad also comes back to rejoin his old team. The problem is, during his time away, he’s become MORE like his future self of Kang the Conqueror, not less. This holds up for the length of the book until he kills Young Vision at the end of the story. Wow. Of course, with the real Vision back, who needs Young Vision?

So the deaths. I’m not surprised at Iron Lad’s victim, but Dr. Doom’s? Cassie Lang was far and away my favorite Young Avenger, so I’m sad to see this character go. I think there are still some escape hatches for her, but right now, pencil me in as bummed out that this great legacy character is off the stage.

The rest of the team ends up in some interesting places. Speed might just end up a solo hero. Hawkette and Patriot both retire. And I’m fuzzy on what Wiccan and Hulking will do. In any case, it seems this story wraps up the Young Avengers for now, and I think that’s OK.

Jim Cheung’s art dazzles as always. He excels with younger characters, so the Young Avengers are the best looking characters in the book. He gets to draw a TON of characters, though, and I loved his take on all sorts of Marvel C-listers. Wonder Man, Rictor, Jamie Madrox, they all look great. After seeing his Rogue and Colossus, I want to see him draw some more X-books!



Martin Gray said...

The 'Dr Doom did it' excuse is sooooo outta nowhere, but so was Wanda's nuttiness, so I'll take it.

As for Hawkeye Lass retiring, did you see the announcement from C2E2 this weekend about her role in a new title?

Timbotron said...

I did! I'm pleased to see her as an apprentice to Clint Barton. It makes sense for both characters.

My one concern is that "Street Hawkeye" books never seem to do well. (Didn't work well for Nomad back in the day either!)