Sunday, April 22, 2012

BPRD: Hell on Earth: Gods and Monsters TPB

Dark Horse comics deserves some praise for replacing Guy Davis and not leaving me crying over it. I have absolutely loved Davis’ work on this series over the past few years. His design work on the creatures of Hellboy’s world has been amazing, and that ability is on display here again. The world is ending, but it is ending slowly. And with enough talk shows and sterile reports, I’m not sure the BPRD can even recognize it coming.

Abe Sapien has become a true man of action; he just doesn’t have the same aura of invincibility that Hellboy always did. He handles all the same situations (often in the same ways) but I’m always more concerned for Abe. Turns out there may have been a good reason for that worry.

The second half of the trade explores the more mundane madness of the BPRD, as Liz Sherman finds out more about the trailer park where she’s made her new life. It turns out that those good ol’ boys (and gals) aren’t so good after all.

Tyler Crook gets his chance to work with Mike Mignola and John Arcudi on this storyline, and his work is stunning. Working off some great design work from Ryan Sook, I’m really impressed with Crook’s work. He balances the odd story-elements so well, everything has a great texture to it. Trailer-park cultists? Sure that makes sense, if they look this realistic and well-though out.


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