Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking Dead #96

So Rick and his crew are essentially becoming an army of mercenaries? Wow. I must confess, I did not see that coming.

But Rick is right, the main thing the Community brings to an alliance is their ability to kick ass. And the leader of Hilltop better watch out, if Rick’s history is any indication, he’ll be in charge of their new alliance in a matter of days. Heck, the most competent and “fight-y” member of the Hilltop group is already well on his way to joining Rick.

I shouldn’t get my hopes up, I know Robert Kirkman is getting my hopes all set just to dash them in issue 100. Rick and his guys really think the Hilltop is the answer, that this next step is all they need to start rebuilding their lives. Heck no, people are gonna die in another five issues.

We learn a lot about the core cast in this one. Carl is his father’s son, making the offer to wipe out Hilltop’s problems before Rick can vocalize it. Andrea’s tough exterior and Michonne’s pessimistic approach. I’m happy Rick can still see the glass half full, even if the reader knows that the glass is probably broken and about to be slashed in Rick’s face. Kirkman is still weaving a great tale, 96 issues in.

I love that opening moment when the Hilltop guys try to get Rick to lower his gun. Charlie Adlard stages the panels perfectly, with Rick sizing up the folks around him, then calmly telling them no. Rick’s not rude, he’s not obnoxious, but he controls every place he walks in to, and this is no different. Fantastic storytelling.


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