Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #8

Oh John Stewart, for a (retconned) rules-loving soldier, you certainly do find yourself in a fair bit of trouble.

Peter Tomasi goes back to the Alpha Lanterns, a concept that has repeatedly shown how screwed up the Guardians are right now. These former B-list Lanterns are upgraded to become robotic Internal Affairs, and they haughtily decide that it’s time to bring in John Stewart for killing a fellow Lantern a few issues ago. I can’t imagine that John’s friends will stand for it, but he seems pretty resigned these days.

Guy Gardner is blessed with some excitement too, as the Guardians promote him. Again, this is just another exhibit that the Guardians are up to no good; they want their loosest cannon out there stirring up trouble. Surely Guy is going to make newer and bigger problems for the Corps? I can’t believe this promotion is in anyone’s best interests.

The toppling Sinestro Corps battery and bar fight are just an excuse for some action pages. This issue is all about plot movement.

Fernando Pasarin does a nice job on the artwork. His Alpha Lanterns look really close to the classic look for these characters, but the Manhunter influence is strong. In particular, I’m a bit shocked at how “natural” a robotic centaur looks. I never thought I’d see a robotic centaur, but here he is.


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