Monday, April 2, 2012

Secret Avengers #24

So it looks like Eric O’Grady really died at the end of the last issue, huh? Now, it sure looks like there are a bunch of dead folks up and about throughout this book, so I’m guessing Rick Remender’s new Deathloks might just have a quick turnaround in the resurrection department. (It is dang frustrating seeing Wasp in this cyborg form. Just bring back the real character! Kids know her from the cartoon, man!)

Remender has stated that he’s putting the group through some dysfunctional moments, and those are on display here. Upon arrival to the robotic city of The Core, the team is scattered. There’s no unified approach that I could see, and the team really doesn’t get along. Hawkeye doesn’t try to rally the troops. Captain Britain and Jim Hammond can’t stand each other. Beast is disappointed in Hawkeye. The only two members who seem to be up to business as usual are Valkyrie and Black Widow. The two of them have clear goals, plans, and work well together. It’s neat seeing the team before it gels.

I’m getting a particular kick out of Captain Britain. He’s been around awhile already, yet he’s having to prove his bonafides all over again. This is a great take on the character.

Gabriel Hardman continues to impress me. While I wish the line-troops of the robotic Descendants were a bit more unique or easy to recognize, I absolutely love his takes on the classics. Emperor Doombot. Ultimate Vision, a Machine Man knock-off, these ‘bots all look fantastic. Great work.


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