Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daredevil #10

Mark Waid does a good job schooling his readers this issue. I think most of us, like DD, probably underestimated the Mole Man’s fighting ability. While I don’t remember Moley ever being a staff-wielding duelist, it certainly makes for an exciting climax when DD has to make the subterranean one pay for his body-snatching.

Mole Man has enough pathos in this issue to qualify as an honorary Spider-Man villain. (Isn’t it weird how all Spidey’s villains are so deep?) Mole Man’s grave desecration is motivated by his odd desire to see a woman who was kind to him one last time. It’s creepy, it’s sick, and it’s sad. Daredevil realizes all this, and still seems to sort of enjoy beating the snot out of him.

For me, the most interesting part of the issue is the resolution of DD’s relationship with the Black Cat. She seems to really like the guy (again, poor Spidey). She also mentions how good he is with his fingers, a definite commentary on the implied… activities of the couple last month.

I’m going to miss Paolo Rivera’s pencils (he is the artist departing this book, right?) The simple style combined with the radar-enhanced panels makes for a wonderful experience in this book.


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