Friday, April 27, 2012

Punisher #10

Oh Punisher, you silly goose. You really don’t want to have friends, do you?

Daredevil, Spidey, Punisher, and Lady Punisher all teamed-up last issue to end the threat of the Omega Drive. It seems the super-computer is just too dangerous to keep in circulation, because all the bad guy groups want it to use against each other. Of course, Punisher wants it too, because it makes for a nice list of people he wants to kill.

Greg Rucka does a nice job showing his Punishers playing along. All the rubber bullets and buckshot in the world won’t save someone from being shot in the eye. I found it interesting that Team Punisher was so cold and methodical for the entire issue, except for the moment when Cole breaks and wants to get some revenge for her husband. DD tries to get through to her; make her realize that revenge doesn’t help anyone, but I think it’s too late. Once the Punisher makes you a skull vest, you’re path is pretty much set, right? At least until she’s eventually killed to make Punisher get even angrier in a year or two.

I do like the cliffhanger of Punisher’s possible betrayal, but I’m not buying it. I still think this is part of the plan to end the hunt for the Omega Drive. This story probably didn’t need to be expanded out into three different protagonist books; I would have liked to see DD handle this whole thing on his own.

Rucka does do a nice job with Spidey’s constant needling of Frank Castle. He must just despise working with the patter-filled web-slinger.


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