Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walking Dead #77

Robert Kirkman is still surprising me on this book, 77 issues in, and I'm still wowed almost every month.

Most of this issue is filled with Rick's gang trying to figure out how to fit into the Community, but the shocking stuff hits on the last few pages. Rick was right about the unbalanced guy in town, he loses it and brandishes a knife while surrounded by survivors, never a good move. Then the shocking moment, when Rick is basically turned into an executioner. And Rick doesn't hesitate for a second, he's totally fine with taking this guy down. No banishment like he might have done back in the prison days, Rick is taking no prisoners now.

And of course, because even that drama isn't enough, the foragers we've seen hanging around hear Rick's gunshot, and they are on the way to the Community. Not good. It doesn't seem like these guys have the numbers to cause Governor-level problems, but I think they might do enough damage to put everyone on the road again.

Charlie Adlard does a nicer job this issue, I didn't get lost or confused with any sudden scene shifts. As always, Adlard carries the mood perfectly.


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