Friday, September 3, 2010

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #4

Man, do I love this comic. Jim McCann is using all the threads of the Marvel U to make this a self-contained book that lives and breathes in the Marvel U. Even better (for me), a lot of those ties are to older comics! This issue has numerous name drops for Tigra, Hawk & Mock's old teammate in the West Coast Avengers. Naturally she'd come through and give them a hand, after all, she was involved the first time Mock had to deal with the Phantom Rider. I also love that the "current" Phantom Rider shows up to deal with the evil Lincoln Slade version. Marvel has some wonderfully convoluted family histories, and I do worry that some new readers might be confused with a heroic PR, but those of us versed in the minutiae of Marvel have a lot to be grinning about.

Speaking of grinning, once again, Hawkeye is smiling through all his fights and he looks like he's having a great time. Mockingbird even gets in on the action here; she seems to be having a lot more fun with the old partnership. I love seeing a happy couple working together, so this is wonderful. The big kiss scene was great too, and just like any good romance, while the two leads got to express their feelings, and they got a great kiss, trouble pops in before things can go any further. Action, comedy, and some romantic tension. This is a great comic.


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Jeff said...

I just got caught up on this book (issues 1-4) and MAN does it ever give you your four dollars worth. It's not overly wordy, either--it doesn't drag on through text-heavy boxes, but somehow takes awhile to read.

It's fun and smart, and it just feels like the perfect "blockbuster movie" comic that doesn't ask you to check your brain at the door. The best comic book I've read in years--and I'm pretty much new to both characters.