Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back Issue Review: Justice Society of America Special #1 (2010)

I remember this book coming out a couple years ago, but I know it tied in to the Magog series that I’d already dropped. But I saw it a few weeks ago in a dollar bin and Scott Kolins' art is worth at least that!

This is a pretty generic team-up book with a slight focus on Magog. There really isn’t enough time for most of the characters to get any development time at all. This is one big fight, with Magog and the JSA taking on Kingdom Come’s N.I.L.8 and the underlings of Gog. It’s full of one-liners and generic action talk. Kolins does a better job with some characters than others; his Magog is decent, and I liked his surly Wildcat. Power Girl gets to kick some butt, so that was nice to see again. Gog himself barely shows up, and his followers seem a lot more blatantly evil than he appeared in his original JSA storyline.

I will say it was nice seeing those fantastic old costumes again. Power Girl, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Wildcat, I could go on and on. I suppose it’s true what they say, all your old comics are still sitting there if you don’t like the new ones!

Kolins is a dynamic penciler. No one does super-heroes better. But this book looks rushed. There are very few backgrounds and many of the panels look choppy. Kolins’ later work on JSA was a lot prettier. Was this a fill-in issue, or was it a couple issues of Magog that got re-packaged for higher sales? Magog kind of walks off into the sunset at the close, did he show up again before the reboot?

Make no mistake; this is not a great comic. But it’s got good action and decent art, so it was well worth the buck I paid to pick it up.


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