Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #0

So this is really weirding me out. I can usually pretend that Green Lantern Corps is just chugging right along without the reboot, but that doesn’t work here.

I remember Guy Gardner being a “close second” when Hal Jordan was selected for his ring. If I remember correctly, didn’t Hal just get the nod because he was close to Abin Sur, and Guy was all the way in Baltimore?

Peter Tomasi keeps Guy’s Maryland ties, but as near as I can tell, Guy is just the second choice for the 2814 sector. Guy is a bit more of a rebel, and I don’t recall all the cop ties in his family, but it certainly works for the character. The best part of the issue is definitely when Guy creates his signature look. The villain is pretty generic, and I found the thugs on Earth to be a lot more interesting and threatening.

Tomasi’s death count is reasonable. A bunch of GLs die in the first few pages, and Guy’s brother loses his partner in a shootout. So that’s only a handful of deaths.

Fernando Pasarin does a nice job with the Earth-based work. We see so much cosmic stuff out of him; it’s interesting seeing thugs, cops, and regular horses instead of centaurs and crazy robots. Just one question: no bowl cut?


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