Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking Dead #102

Rick Grimes, you sneaky bastard.

Once again, Robert Kirkman has me excited for the next issue. Negan is a great new foil, and I sure hope that Rick hands out some revenge for what happened in issue 100. That said, this feels like a story that went on too long.

While Andrea didn’t experience the trauma of issue 100, the reader did. So having Rick spend pages re-describing what happened seems kind of pointless. We check in with quite a few of the supporting cast, including a few new faces. Michonne sure sounds like she needs a bit of a vacation, so perhaps Rick’s new attitude might be just what she needs. I love seeing Eugene so angry and hungry for revenge. He had a weird relationship with Abraham, but he’s obviously upset that his friend is dead. And if he can do what he says he can… if he can make bullets… hoo boy.

Charlie Adlard does a wonderful job with the cast’s faces. There are a lot of silent panels where the storytelling is purely in the art, and Adlard pulls it off. At the close of the issue, the anger in Andrea, Carl, and that other gal’s face is crystal clear. Yet Michonne looks accepting with a tinge of sadness. There is subtlety there that is extremely hard to nail in a drawing.

It says a lot that a disappointing issue of Walking Dead is still pretty darn good.


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