Friday, September 14, 2012

Wolverine & the X-Men #16

Has Jason Aaron really stayed away from his new Hellfire Club since the Schism limited series? It’s shocking, but I’m glad that for once, I don’t seem to be missing a chapter in X-Men action.

Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo get to design some sweet new Sentinels. They only get a panel each, but I’d love to see the nano-Sentinel, the Tri-Sentinel, or the all-terrain model in action. The Phoenix Five put a quick stop to this, and that’s the only way that this book crosses over with AvX. This is clearly a case of Aaron setting up the book post-AvX; it’s a good thing I’m already on board. Let’s hope they collect this with an upcoming arc rather than with the AvX material.

Kade Kilgore is a despicable brat, and it’s going to be very exciting seeing him get knocked around by the X-Men.

Bachalo doesn’t get to draw many X-Men; it’s mostly the creepy kids in the Hellfire Club. He still gets to show off his mastery of mood and panel design with some clever flashbacks and action sequences, though.


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