Monday, September 10, 2012

Hawkeye #2

Now this is more what I was looking for in Hawkeye’s new book! It’s still got that smaller-crime feel from the first issue, but by including the Circus of Crime and a new Swordsman, it still feels like an Avengers book. If Matt Fraction can continue to balance the tone of the book like this, I will be a very happy reader.

The Circus of Crime doesn’t seem to be there in full (no Clown, for example), but the Ringmaster appears and gets to use his sweet hypno-hat. As expected, David Aja does a great job with any panels that feature the hypno-effect. I also liked the update of the Circus into a “fancy French” organization, and Hawkeye’s inability to understand (or maybe he just didn’t’ care). The use of silhouettes for most of the hits is a fun recurring trick. It does make it hard to tell just how seriously our heroes are maiming the villains, though.

This issue brings in Kate Bishop, the Hawkeye from the Young Avengers. I have a problem with her for a couple of reasons. First, it sure looks like she’s shooting and killing people quite a bit as she moves through the book. Heck, even if she just popped out the Ringmaster’s eyeballs that seems too extreme for an Avenger. Second, is there supposed to be flirting going on between Kate and Clint Barton? I mean, if she has a schoolgirl crush on him, I suppose that would be something new to comics, but if the feelings are reciprocated… eeew. That’s going to be a bit too uncomfortable.

Fraction changes the status quo for Hawkeye and gives the book a purpose here, too. The Circus of Crime was in the process of robbing the big crime bosses of New York (including the Kingpin, Tombstone, and others). Well, Hawkeye decides to make off with that money. So now he’s rich, and the biggest crime lords in NYC are after our favorite Avenger. Great high concept! Now I’m sold that this series has some legs!


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