Friday, September 7, 2012

Guarding the Globe #1

So clearly, I’m a sucker for team books. From the first time I picked up an issue of Uncanny X-Men, I’ve always loved the value of a funny book packed with characters. The best part is, if you like the characters, then no matter what happens in that particular issue, you always want more. Robert Kirkman has created a well-rounded, fun team in his Guardians of the Globe, and I’m more than ready to shell out $2.99 to see the expansion of Kirkman’s universe.

The book focuses on Brit, and as one of the few members to carry his own series in the past, that makes sense. Then there is his robot pal Donald, Bulletproof/Invincible II, and the cast from Kirkman’s Capes series. Only a few of the folks in the lineup are new-ish, and they’ve been around since the Guardians’ last series.

I have to admit, I know nothing about Samson, Outrun, or Kaboomerang. Heck, Blind Tiger and the rest of the cast are just as mysterious. They’ve had a few lines of dialogue, but that’s it. It’s a great opportunity for Phil Hester to come in here and give these guys more personality. I am hoping he puts the spotlight more on Bulletproof, Robot, and Monster Girl, our more established Guardians, but I don’t mind new folks like Tiger getting some panel time too.

Hester takes an interesting tack, revealing that Brit’s young son has autism. This is an extremely sensitive subject for a lot of people (my family included). I imagine that someone involved in this book is drawing on personal experience; the dialogue seems pretty personal. If family is going to be one of Brit’s defining characteristics, I’m interested to see how it develops from here.

Todd Nauck isn’t my favorite artist when it comes to big, iconic characters. I don’t love his Spider-Man, or his Wolverine. However, when he’s drawing crowds of new heroes? No one does it better. His storytelling is clear and I dig his take on the Invincible costume. This is a solid debut. It’s not revolutionary or world-changing, but it is entertaining and packed with heroes.


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