Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daredevil #18

Wow. I’ve always liked Mark Waid’s work, but he is truly outdoing himself on this title.

Once again, DD is the best book of the month. After all the chaos of the past storylines, I’d understand the need to quiet things down for awhile; instead Waid ratchets up the tension once again.

We’ve got an interesting case that Foggy just can’t resist. Foggy may not be a super hero, but the guy always does the right thing. I also love the throwaway line that he’s giving up a trip with his lady. Foggy often has ladies around, doesn’t he?

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock has a bit of a surprise himself. A long-missing character shows up in an inopportune moment, and DD is at a loss. I’m glad to see Foggy and Matt immediately needing each other, it gives a nice glimmer of hope that these best friends will be able to patch things up.

Clearly the new villain is doing something with holograms or hallucinations. My first guess is Mr. Fear, but that’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? I love the quick introduction and removal of a new mob faction. Waid does a great job establishing character and outlook in only a few panels.

And those panels are beautiful. Chris Samnee is excelling on this title. It’s gorgeous from start to finish. The pages are dark and moody, but DD still jumps off the page. DD is a bright spot in this world, and it keeps the situation from ever becoming depressing. DD has long been a depressing character, but Samnee’s exciting pencils keep this feeling like a swashbuckler story.


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