Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #1-6

Transformers on Star Trek. That is what this title is about, plain and simple. I’m not sure if James Roberts pitched the book that way or not, but that’s what this book is all about. And guess what? It works!

I was sure I’d enjoy the “classic” title more than the clear spin-off, but here we are. It appreciate the dialogue and world building Barber is doing here, and while I like the sister title, this is the best Transformer book on the stands right now.

Hot Rod/Rodimus had big plans to go find some missing leaders of ancient Cybertron, but those plans were scrapped when the Lost Light ship blew up in Cybertron’s orbit. Now the crew is blasted to the far side of the galaxy, no closer to accomplishing their mission, AND all their comrades think they are dead.

I’ve seen some folks complain that everyone in this book is a smart-a$$, but that’s not entirely true. It’s more appropriate to say this is a true team book, and it’s going for a certain vibe. That cover is a good clue. This is a JLI-type book with snappy dialogue and personalities played for laughs. Ultra Magnus is a boring, by-the-book dork, and Red Alert is a paranoid maniac. Rodimus is overconfident; basically, he’s Ryker from Next Generation with his own ship. The problem is, it doesn’t seem like most of the Transformers on board really listen that much.

Almost every character with a speaking part gets a defining personality. Ratchet and his declining hand-dexterity. Rung as a psychiatrist with a bunch of insight, or even Pipes (or Blue Huffer as I knew him) and his love of getting to go on missions. This is a really strong comic with a stellar cast. The tone of the book changes from issue to issue. High adventure, Alien rip-offs, and even zombies all show up in the first six issues.

Nick Roche and Alex Milne stray a bit more from core designs, but that’s OK. Its got a big cast, and each character stands out. The main characters are Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Ratchet, Drift, Rewind, Red Alert, Rung, Whirl (the ex-Wrecker), Cyclonus (yeah, that Cyclonus), Pipes, First Aid, and a dozen more. Plus the required cameos like Sea Spray, Cosmos, and Hound.

For those of us with too much nostalgia for our favorite childhood toys, this is the perfect book.


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Archaznable said...

I love the Transformers and it's G1 I mean the original one I might pick up some of the Transformers comic book to read up and relieve my child hood days