Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Lantern Annual #1 (2012)

I’m almost surprised at just how evil Geoff Johns’ Guardians are, but then I remember that all it takes as an intergalactic yellow parasite and they can be fixed in two pages. That said, these guys are really bad news right now. Heck, they admit that they only invited Sinestro back into the core to sew dissent (too bad, I like him a lot more as the jerk GL than as a fear-villain). They also use Black Hand as their instrument in this one. That’s really bad! I can’t imagine Hal and Sinestro are actually dead; rather I’m sure their predicament at the close of the issue will lead to our new “extreme” GL, but it could be interesting. If Hal and Sinestro actually sit out for the Third Army arc, that will give some panel time to some other cast members. After all, if Hal will be the best Black Lantern around, he’s got to be dead again for awhile, right?

I’m fine with the new GL by the way, it’s a repeated draw for the GL brand to introduce new Earth lanterns and I think this new guy could have potential. Hal, Guy, John, Kyle, they’ve all worked out pretty well so far. They were missing a guy with a gun, ski mask, and tattoos, so this should work out nicely!

I remain amazed at the editing in the new52, though. Am I wrong, or did Hal and Sinestro actually deal with Black Hand back in GL #12. I’m not mis-rembering, am I? And to continue my pet peeve about pre-boot continuity, it’s clear that the Nekron/Blackest Night stuff still happened. But how? Gah!

Ethan Van Sciver doesn’t draw a lot of comics, but when he does, he delivers. This is a nice looking book, with interesting designs for the sealed-off Guardians. (Maybe that’s the out; we’ll get new Guardians rocking some chain mail or wizard outfits?) Van Sciver really outdoes himself with Black Hand. He’s never looked more dangerous than with his glowing eyeball hanging out of his head.

Why does Van Sciver not handle the introduction of the new Third Army villains? That seems like an odd choice. And do their hearts really turn a color and pop out of their pale chests? If so, congrats, Johns, you've outdone yourself again!


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