Thursday, September 6, 2012

AvX Versus #5

This many issues in, the whole core concept for this series is starting to fall apart a bit. At the start of AvX, there were a lot of good chances for the individual members of both teams to break off and have some good battles. Now the interaction is a bit more forced.

I think the first part of the story takes place after Spidey’s break-out at Magik’s prison? If so, why did Hawkeye stay behind? He sort of seems like a bully, just sticking around to torment Angel for a bit before running off. Hawkeye’s roguish charm is what makes him so fun, but seeing him comment on how cute Psylocke is and then gut-shoot Angel? Those just make him seem like a jerk. I’m starting to wonder if I like Matt Fraction’s take on the character. Leinil Yu is another in the long list that can’t make Hawk’s new costume look good. It’s still terrible. I’m also behind in my Angel continuity. He’s got his metal wings while in human form now? And is he supposed to be younger or something? I’m confused.

The second half of the book is sad, if rushed. Black Panther and Storm never totally made sense to me as a couple; they were kind of thrown together. But then after Dwayne McDuffie’s great run on Fantastic Four, I found myself coming around to the concept. They did work as a new top couple in the Marvel U. Seems like that’s over now, as the events of AvX have split them apart. It’s too bad, because they are both so proud I can’t imagine either party ever really apologizing. Jason Aaron does a nice job with that idea with both characters’ internal monologues. If these two would speak about their feelings, they might have a chance together. But they are both too proud. I can't imagine this is the last word on the marriage, though. I'd figure this has to get more page time in something in Marvel NOW.  Tom Raney does a solid job with the artwork, but I’m not positive he’s quite the draw the other artists on this series have been.


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