Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Captain America #636

Cullen Bunn impresses me with his overarching plot in this title. I had figured we were in for a string on unrelated plots, but clearly, there is an endgame here. Kashmir Vennema first showed up in the Hawkeye team-up, and she’s been a thorn in Cap’s side ever since. Now things get more complicated as we find out just how complicated Kashmir really is.

The book is filled with internal monologues, all from women calling themselves Kashmir Vennema. I’m still a tad unclear on whether these are alternate versions of the same person, or clones, or different women who have taken on one identity. In any case, it’s a cool idea that gives Cap and company some new challenges.

To further give this a sense of continuity, Cap is working with his partners from the last arcs. Hawkeye shows up for an interrogation, and Iron Man is giving technical support as Cap takes on the Kashmir’s current targets; the Secret Empire.

Black Widow is a force of nature in this (if nature shot bullets). She’s popping off alternate Kashmir’s pretty regularly. I suppose this could be the regular Widow, but I’m getting a vibe off her that makes me think this might be an alternate Earth version. Natasha isn’t quite this bloodthirsty.

Ah, Francesco Francavilla! I’ve missed your moody, action-packed artwork! After his revelatory work on Black Panther, I think I’m a life-long fan. Black Widow looks fantastic, Cap’s shield-work is great, and maybe, just maybe, Francavilla can handle Hawkeye’s current costume. My highest praise!


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