Monday, September 24, 2012

Wolverine's Revenge TPB

Jason Aaron has put Wolverine through the ringer over the course of this series, and it’s been fun to watch. This was a particularly entertaining arc, as Wolverine tracks down the Red Right Hand. This is the evil crew that sent Wolvie’s soul to Hell and turned the X-Men against their teammate.

There’s something so fun about Aaron’s villains. Cannonfoot, Shadow Stalker, Fire Knives, and Saw Fist. You can’t beat those names! (Daken shows up too, but in a plotting capacity rather than a combat one.) Wolverine simply tears through these guys and its great seeing Wolvie talk smack and hurt the overmatched doofballs. Aaron does a nice job with a quick Hand storyline too. I know the character featured is a villain, but how can you not feel bad for her after the life she’s led?

Of course, there’s a twist, but I’m not going to ruin it. That twist leads to a two-issue epilogue of Logan punishing himself in the wild once again. This guy sure goes on a lot of quests to put himself through the ringer.

Renato Guedes handles the Red Right Hand issues. His design work for the new villains is solid, with Cannonfoot being an easy favorite. I also like the way Guedes gives the Red Right Hand’s infernal ally a sense of dread. Goran Sudzuka has a wonderful clean style. He has a whole bunch of hero headshots that look fantastic. He’s got an almost Jamie McKelvie-level of detail. Rogue looks fantastic. Captain America looks solid and heroic. Hulk looks more handsome than I usually picture him, but again, great work. Sudzuka needs a team-book stat! (Or does he already have one that I’m not aware of?)


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