Monday, July 16, 2012

Walking Dead #100

Wow. I'm really upset by this comic. And frankly, the thought that this is going to be one of the highest-selling comics of all time is quite the statement for our pet art form. This comic is absolutely brutal. Just an awful experience for those of us who have spent years with the characters.

I was enraged when Tyreese died. I was saddened when Lori died. I was disappointed when Abraham bought it. But this death here... man, it just crushes your heart, huh? I mean, these are made up characters, but wow, this one is going to stay with any real fans of the Walking Dead for a long time. For the first time, this world feels like it is too far gone to try to survive in. It may be that some of those dead folks got off easy.

And this jerk Negan, I absolutely can't wait for whatever comeuppance he's got coming. I know he's got all the cards right now, but so did the Governor, and even if Rick doesn't make it, I have faith that someone else in our cast is gonna make this guy pay. I'm already anxious for it. In one issue, Robert Kirkman has created a guy I hate as much as the Governor.

And Charlie Adlard. I read an interview how he turns off his brain to draw this, how after he gets over the shock of reading the script, he just turns into a pencil robot. I'd think he had to, because this is just crushing artwork. That one panel, the splash after the initial hit. Ugh. Almost made me sick reading it.

So c'mon Rick. Start working out a plan to kill a whole lotta people, cause I think all these guys gotta go.


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