Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman & Robin #11

It’s tough when two comics featuring the same character come out on the same week. Scott Snyder’s Batman was awesome, while this issue by Peter Tomasi is merely solid. There’s nothing bad about the story, but it’s a middle chapter featuring a new villain compared to a climax featuring a status-quo changing antagonist. It’s a tough matchup. I do appreciate Tomasi reigning in his bloodlust, though! Commissioner Gordon actually mentions that no one has died yet!

The legion of villains assembled last issue, this time they are running through Gotham, branding innocent civilians with a flaming symbol of the bat. It’s a neat moment, making the citizens fear their protector, but you know it can’t last. Tomasi plays it nicely when Batman goes blasting down the street in the Batmobile with the scared citizens watching him go by, hoping he can succeed.

I still don’t know enough about the main villain, Terminus, to know if he has much staying power. He’s the mastermind, but he really hasn’t spent too much time on-panel. I’m even fuzzy on his long-term plan, unless the end game is just to make Batman angry buy hurting Gotham?

There’s also a sequence with the Red Hood, but I’m so confused on what’s happened and what hasn’t in the new 52, I can’t get too worked up over it.

Patrick Gleason turns in another solid effort. He’s clearly having fun drawing these oddball new villains; it’s like a Gleason-created rogue’s gallery. I liked seeing the flaming brand burn away the outer layer of the bat-armor too. Batman still looks battle-weary, but capable running around in the damaged suit.


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